Critter Capers has been my best ever pet sitting experience. The online pet care journals were a fantastic daily assurance that my cat was healthy and happy. I will definitely use Critters Capers whenever I travel!
David J.
We used Critter Capers for the first time last weekend and our dogs seemed to do great! This was their first time alone overnight in the house. Ace is a little aggressive at times, making it hard to find a sitter. He has never bit anyone, just protective inside! Chris handled him great. Maddy, our Golden retriever goes with the flow! We are using Chris again this weekend! - Janine S. While my family and I went on vacation, Chris took care of things at home. He walked my grandmother’s dog for her, since she is unable to herself. When we returned home, Missy was so happy and my grandmother raved about Chris’ service. Not only did he come to her house three times a day to walk Missy, he even picked up dog food when my grandmother ran out. He just took care of everything! Having your pet (and grandmother) taken care of at home really made for a fun and relaxing vacation for the rest of us. Thank you so much, Chris. Your service is invaluable!
Carolyn T.
Chris watched over my fur babies twice and I couldn't be happier with his services. I was able to enjoy my vacation without worrying about my kitties. I highly recommend him.
Paula B.
This was my first time using Critter Capers service. There were multiple things I appreciated. Chris was not fazed at all by any of the details that I requested, such as drapery placement, how I wanted him to enter the house, how I divided the food for my pets, or any peculiarities about my house. Secondly, it was a great comfort to receive the pet journal entries after each visit, with occasional specific comments on certain days. One of the most important things, which I was worried about, was how comfortable my pets would be with his visits and that they would be fully fed and watered. He must have a natural way with animals, because my very shy animals took to him and accepted him so quickly, which amazed me. His journal entries with occasional specific comments about my pets, the photographs he included, which I loved, and my pets happy and calm demeanors when I returned all assured me my pets were being well cared for. Everything in my home was fine. Thank you so much for this peace of mind.
Bonnie V.
Critter Capers Pet Sitting, and more specifically, Chris Rinker, has been our provider for pet sitting care for our pets (2 dogs and a cat) since 2011, and we are extremely pleased. He does an outstanding job watching over our pets and we have peace of mind when he's in charge. We are happy that our pets can stay home in their environment, and they love Chris. Aside from doing an excellent job in following our instructions (and there are many, especially since we have a senior cat), and going the extra mile (often cleaning accidents, and bringing in the mail/packages), he always strives to improve his company and services and incorporates the newest technology to benefit both the pets and pet parents. We are especially thankful for his kind heart and expertise in animals, as he also helped promptly identify an ear infection in Ginger when we had just adopted her, so we were able to quickly give her the medical attention she very much needed, and we're happy to say she's now completely healthy. We always gladly recommend Chris to friends and neighbors and wish him all the success in the coming years!
Margarita M.
OMG. My husband and I returned home from a mini vacation with total peace of mind. Everything was as we left it home and the babies were HAPPY as ever which led me to believe they were well taken care of and received a lot of attention. Thank you Chris for such and awesome job well done and we look forward to your services again very soon.
Connie G.
We can't thank you enough for all the wonderful care you gave the furry four and our home! Knowing you're there gives us peace of mind and allows us to enjoy our travels. Please don't ever retire! 🙂
Helen T.
Hola, Chris! You ROCK!!! Thanks so much for everything you did and reported. We always follow your reports and celebrate them!! God bless you!!
Margrita M.

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