Pet Sitting Visits

Included with every Pet Sitting Visit is feeding, water refresh, exercise (through walks or play), treats, clean ups, medication (if needed) and the TLC your pet wants and deserves while you are away. Critter parents will also receive an update at the conclusion of every visit.

Additional Services: (these services carry no additional fee): plant watering, mail pickup, light/blind/curtain rotation, and trash

Service Minimums:
Cats – at least one visit per 24 hours (CCPS does not offer Every Other Day or “Occasional” Cat Visits)
Dogs – at least two visits per 24 hours
Reptiles and Pocket Pets and Birds – at least one visit per 24 hours

Critter Capers Pet Sitting does NOT add additional fees for holidays

Service Time Price
Regular Pet Sitting Visit 25-30 minutes $19.00
Extended Pet Sitting Visit 40-45 minutes $25.00
Long Pet Sitting Visit 55-60 minutes $30.00
Mid-day Potty Breaks 20 minutes (only with 2 Regular Pet Sitting Visits) $16.00
Early/Late Visits (before 6:00 am; after 8:00 pm 30 minutes $25.00


If you need your dogs nails trimmed, your litter box cleaned, or so much more just ask! Chances are it's been done before!


Are the just not enough hours in the day? Are you finding it hard to get certain things checked off your “to do list”? Let Critter Capers Pet Sitting Pet Concierge Services help.