Don’t Leave Your Critters Out in the Cold


This is a picture of me last week at a regular pet sitting visit. The temperature was about 6 degrees outside, I had 3 dogs to care for, and it was MISERABLE for me and the dogs. These usually playful, fetching, jumping, running and chasing dogs went out, took care of their business and then […]

Stop Your Dog from Pulling, Lunging and Running Off

Sparky with Freedom Harness

I ABSOLUTELY love the FREEDOM HARNESS. I have several dog clients that I have tried this on and it IMMEDIATELY stops pulling, lunging and attempting to run off in a different direction. Let’s look at SPARKY (see image). He is a great case. (Caviat- the owners tried this on their own; they use the Easy […]

The Pet Sitting Meet-and-Greet

critter capers pet sitting

I will never forget the very first “meet-and-greet” I did. I was very nervous. I had no idea what to expect. I had read blog posts and I had read the “starting your own pet sitting business” books and manuals. But they didn’t really prepare me for what really happened, and what really needed to […]

Stafford/Fredericksburg Area Veterinarians

Choosing the best veterinarian for your critter is one of the most important decisions you make for your four legged critter. You want to make the right choice; the choice that is best for you, and for your critter. The Stafford/Fredericksburg area has some great veterinarians. We have small, one doctor practices that only see […]