Add-On Services

Critter Capers Pet Sitting can also help you with many non-pet sitting needs too…

1. Trim your pet’s toe nails

2. Clean that nasty litter box

3. Clean up the back yard

4. Or anything else that will help you manage your pet

If it’s not on the list, all you need to do is ask – chances are very good it’s been done before!

Special Services

Service Time Price
Litter Box Service 20-30 min  $10.00
Pooper Scooper Services (Yard Clean Up) Weekly $15.00


Grooming Services

Service Price
Toe Nail Trim (dog or cat) $15.00
Ear Cleaning (dog or cat) $20.00
Anal Gland Expression $20.00
Hygiene Trim (Ears and Rear) $25.00



Included with every Pet Sitting Visit is feeding, water refresh, exercise (through walks or play), treats, clean ups, medication (if needed) and the TLC your pet wants and deserves while you are away. Critter parents will also receive an update at the conclusion of every visit.


Daily Dog Walk Visits are exercise focused and include the walk, a water refresh, a paw wipe (if necessary), and treats if requested.