Stop Your Dog from Pulling, Lunging and Running Off


I have several dog clients that I have tried this on and it IMMEDIATELY stops pulling, lunging and attempting to run off in a different direction.

Let’s look at SPARKY (see image). He is a great case. (Caviat- the owners tried this on their own; they use the Easy Walk version – similar to the FREEDOM HARNESS, but not exact). SPARKY is a black lab, about 100 lbs (but going down) and a relatively energetic dog! His owners are both elderly; dad uses a walker to help get around. They hired me about 6 months ago to walk SPARKY twice a week and the neighbor walks him a few times too.

SPARKY was pretty good with me on just a leash and collar. He would pull occasionally and lunge (in a friendly way) if another dog was nearby. About a month ago, I showed up to his house to pick him up and his owners had outfitted him with a FREEDOM HARNESS and said see how this goes.

We did gave it a try!

SPARKY was a brand new walking dog. He was calm. He was obedient, and he went anywhere I guided him. He actually seemed to EMJOY the harness.

What’s not to like. He is not being pulled by his neck and he is given a bit more freedom on walks as I know he will be attentive when I need him to be.

The best part – his owners are able to walk him again. They take him on short walks several times a week together. This is good on so many levels, it gets SPARKY out but it also gives his owners a chance to get up and walking outside WITH him without fear of being pulled down the street, or worse yet, down to the ground (which he has done to them).

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