September is Emergency Preparedness Month! Are You Prepared!

September is National Preparedness Month and I want to help you prepare for, and be able to respond to all types of emergencies and natural disasters. Do you have an emergency plan for your family? What about your pets? Do you know what to do or where to go? Do you know where to take your pets if the human evacuation shelter won’t let you bring them?

Here are a few things you can do:

Bookmark to stay informed on severe weather or watch your local news for up to date weather information
Learn about and turn on “Wireless Emergency Alerts” (these are messages that will be sent to your phone in the event of an emergency)
Get practical tips on preparing for disaster at
Prepare a disaster supply kit with at least three days of food and water (don’t forget dog and/or cat food and water)
Create a Family Emergency Plan, so that your family knows how to communicate during an emergency
Obtain a NOAA Weather Radio (these are very inexpensive at local hardware stores)
Specifically for your pets, read more information here
The most important thing you can do is – Be Prepared!

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