How Do you Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Most of us have been to a job interview before; as the person being interviewed. Most of us have not been on the other side of the table/desk though.

Before we allow some strange person into our home to care for our fur kids, there is some homework we should do some homework first.

I’d like to suggest the following – ask them tough questions. Actually, if they truly are “professional pet sitters”, these questions shouldn’t be so hard and they should be well prepared to answer.

1. Are you insured, licensed and bonded? *some areas have different rules about licensing, be sure to know your area rules

2. Do you have a contract and other paperwork for me to fill out?

3. May I see your proof of a clean criminal history?

4. Can you provide client references?

5. How will you handle an emergency with my pet? Are you first aid trained?

6. Do you have any professional affiliations?

7. Are you the one doing the work? If the answer to this question is No, ask when you can meet the person that will be doing the work.

Although these questions are good ones, the most important thing you can do is watch your pets. Are they ok with the stranger in the house. Pets are a good judge of character. If they are unhappy, this person may not be the best choice.

Good luck!

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